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Saturday, February 5, 2011


The secret project I've been working on is kicking me in the dupa* right now. I had a feeling one of my seams was going to come apart in the wash...and it did. It's my fault, though. I trimmed the seam allowance too short and it started to unravel.

Then, I used some hand dyed fabric leftover from my Penn State quilt, and that bled into the white fabric. ::shakes fists angrily::

I desperately need to take another quilting class. I attempted to free motion quilt again and that didn't go well. Maybe it's just that my machine is a little simpleton not designed to handle such advanced work.

So I've decided to start all over again this evening. I'm going to fight every urge to go to bed at 8 PM regardless of how ridiculously tired I am. There's a Milky Way bar chilling in the fridge, so that ought to give me a little kick. Plus I've had about 6 cups of tea as the day went on. Mmmm...antioxidants.

*Polish for rear end, backside, hiney, patootie, badonkadonk, caboose, tuchus**
**Now I know how to spell tuchus

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